Monday, April 13, 2009

Catch up

Last week I let you take a few days off of the 'ole blog. No cussing, no uncomfortable shifting when I say something too true for you to handle, no eye rolling, and least of all no controversy. I hope it was the most boring week of your life. Admit it. You missed me.

In order to catch up be prepared to be slammed with pictures no one cares about, but that I stay up late going over, and over, and over. We're calling it Cutefest '09.

Wednesday- Aquarium of the Pacific: Where usually boring outings are fun again because you've got kids. I never thought I'd use the phrase, "Plum tuckered out" but what else does this face suggest?

Thursday- Hanging out with my Baller Baby.

Friday- I got to meet my sister's new boy friend. Or exclusive make-out buddy as they like to call each other. He was scared to meet me (as he should be), so I let him beat us at bowling. Either way I got ice cream.

Saturday- Procrastinated sewing and a hellacious drive home.

Sunday- The Blessed Event or THE baby blessing. Whatever you want to call it. All the really important people were there.

Scrunch has missed her Grady Bear- a scene that shall not be re-enacted for another twenty seven years. I got a wet Grady kiss too. Swoon.

And we're back.

I've just come off a week where I spent four days with my sisters and twelve hours in the car. I might have a few things to say...

You know you missed me. wink. wink.


Marti said...

If we didn't care about the pictures we wouldn't be looking at your blog! Scrunch is so adorable. I'm glad to see she still has her curls. I was afraid they cut them all off when she got her hair cut! Hope you had a nice visit with your family!

Lisa said...

Let's just hope you grow up faster than Kensley! I'm sure it would hit you if you heard one of those words coming out of her sweet little mouth. BTW, you might want to think of who you represent as a member of the church before you start your "controversy" for everyone to see on your blog. It's a shame that it can't be enjoyed without it.

Holly said...

I know this isn't a first, but I think I'm speechless. What's wrong with this post? Not quite sure what's offensive about it. Anyhow, I hope you don't ever grow up! I like you "just the way you are." For what its worth...I like your blog. I could go on but I'll spare you. My question is, if you are offensive or controversial or whatever...why keep reading Yannette's blog? I don't get it.

Goose said...

I notice you didn't post my comment! :)

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Jess, I'm printing it and going to carry it my wallet.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

IN my wallet.

Mary said...

I don't get what is "controversial" on your blog. Hellacious is not a swear what is the fuss about? I, too, don't get it.

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