Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progress Report

We experienced one of our first public meltdowns this week as we stood in a checkout line. Not because she is a baby brat, but because I am trying my best to be a mean mom. It seriously would have been easier to let her ignore my "No." I was embarrassed and frustrated. I immediately took the opportunity to ask my sister, a professed child development expert, if I had handled the situation the right way. She confirmed that I had. Better now than later, and she told me to keep it up.

As I lay in bed that night discussing with my husband the day I told him, "I wish we could get progress reports on our parenting." He laughed and we fell asleep. But I was serious.

The time tested adage held true, "Be careful what you wish for." This weekend marked the 179th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The bi-annual O.C.H. (Official Church Holiday) and a spiritual progress report.

Let me just say that it is a misnomer to really call it a Church Holiday when the usual three hour weekly meetings is actually an eight hour long weekend event. But we get to watch in our pajamas and I get to knit during church. My husband won't let me on non-holiday Sundays.

I love Conference weekend, I really do. Don't fall off your chair. The Mayor has a spiritual side and deep rooted convictions. But I digress.

I asked for a progress report, and that's what I got. As we listened I noticed that I felt the same embarrassing discomfort as I felt earlier in the week when there was something that "needs improvement" in my life. If I didn't like the talk most likely it was because it held a little too much needs improvement for my liking. I didn't like the eighth grade teacher who gave me an Unsatisfactory on my school progress report, either.

Like it or not, I received a very clear and detailed progress report on where I stand in my spiritual progression. Better now than later. And I can picture my Savior saying, "Just keep it up."


cambridgeclan said...

If your child never threw a fit in a store something would probably be wrong. It is one of the worst feeling to have people looking at you, but I either just smile at people while my child is crying or I give them a not so nice look that I know I shouldn't give. Sometimes I just buy the bag of M&M's before the fit starts:)

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

I have a hard time picturing you bribing your kids with M&Ms. :)

Lisa said...

Yes, conference weekend was nice. I enjoyed staying in my p.j.s, listening to the prophet and authorities while doing my knitting and having my children play at my feet. It was one of those moments that makes life worth while!

As far as the tantrum, I fear you are only on the tip of the iceberg! And don't listen to what they say about terrible two's, otherwise you'll be blind-sighted when you hit three (it's much worse:) Good thing they're so darn cute. Remember, part of parenting is to be put through the refiner's fire.

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