Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break

My husband is a literal sort of guy. When I say, "I'll be ready in two minutes" he starts counting 120 seconds. Not out loud, but I know he's doing it. I must drive him nuts. That's a little farther down the list of reasons than most things, but saying 'hold on a sec' when I really mean ten minutes is definitely on the list.

He must be so relieved to find out that when I started calling this week Spring Break I literally meant SPRING BREAK. The weather is perfectly Spring-ish and in the last 24 hours the number of diapers I've changed, bottles prepared, meals made has been very limited almost to non-existent.

Do you have any idea how much knitting, sewing, and sightseeing you can accomplish when you don't have to do cook, clean, or do laundry?

Awe! Some. Literally.


Marti said...

Next time you tell husband, just a minute, tell him you meant a football minute, he will relate to that. When I say just a minute, the kids ask if it's a real minute or football minute. Usually it is fb minute. Have fun with your family.

Anonymous said...

So does spring break mean a break from blogging too?

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