Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Insurance policy.

I have health insurance. Always have. Even when we were broke, worked part-time, and payed an arm and a leg for it. It's just something I think you should have when you're a responsible grown up (if you can help it).

Thankfully, gratefully, I can say that we have rarely, if ever, needed it. And I'm even more grateful for that today than I was yesterday. If I had to deal with them, meaning those big bad insurance bullies, more often- I think my head might explode.

If I lived under a rock, and had never heard that smoking was bad for you and ended up with asthma, emphysema, or cancer- my insurance would cover my treatments.

If I was a bigger, irresponsible schmuck who drove drunk and smashed their car (or golf cart) into a tree and broke my collarbone and arm, and fractured my femur- my insurance would also cover that treatment. And probably even a nurse who'll come to my house and be ever so polite and professional even though the whole time she's thinking, "WHAT A SHMUCK!"

If I didn't listen to Richard Simmons when he told me to "Shake it, baby! Shake it!" and I grew to the size of a killer whale, putting stress on my heart, kidneys, and every other vital organ- my insurance would also cover that.

STD's and drug abuse? Ay, ay, ay. Head exploding.

Then explain to me, why insurance companies do not want to cover fertility treatments? And I'm not talking Octo-mom stuff, just your basic any-good-OB-can-handle-it kind of stuff.

After spending an hour on the phone with everyone and their mother and taking an unplanned field trip to a doc I haven't seen in YEARS to sign a release so I can get copies of my medical records, I'm feeling a little peturbed with the whole system. Actually pissed off as all hell gets, is slightly more accurate.

The point is...well I don't know what the point is. The point is that it all just bites. It bites! Bites! bites! And it's irritating, infuriating, and unfair.

Not to mention these sudden fluctuations in my blood pressure cannot be good for my cardiac health. Thankfully, gratefully, I'm pretty sure if dealing with the insurance do-dos is the root cause, they can't classify my high blood pressure as a pre-existing condition.


Marti said...

Don't quite know what to say except that really sucks! Is that just your insurance or most insurance in general? I must say that is an eye opener and something should be done about.

The Wife said...

I totally agree!!! What moron decided that infertility was elective? He (because it definitely wasn’t a she) should be subject to all the fun “tests and treatments” we have to go through and then figure out how to pay for all of them out of pocket!

Lisa said...

Pretty crazy that pregnancy is a "pre-existing condition" when those other things are not. It's never made sense to me. Does this mean that you're starting fertility treatments?

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