Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I do not think it means what you think it means.

My vote for the most played out phrase of the decade goes to, "going green". As in "go green" or "I'm going green".

What does that mean anyway? Where does one go to get green? Become green. How do you get green? I don't even get "it".

To me it means spending green on things that are green. That, like, totally makes sense. Cuz the the fibers and everything are, like, totally organic!

Thanks Flickr.

Yes! If you use my logic, you too can somehow justify knitting as "going green". Because somehow if it's you label it "green" it's got to be good, better even, than just plain not green. At any rate, it's all coming in the mail hopefully this week. Maybe the box will be green.

Good old Kermit would have a cow (the second most played out phrase). He'd tell me that "it's not easy being green". Well, I'm not probably not on the list of Kermit's very favorite people anyway.

Come on. Even you have to admit that's pretty green. How much more organic do you get than knit frog guts?

Do we even have to address the movie reference? If you didn't know without blinking where it came from, we may have to reconsider our friendship. You will have to come to terms with fact that I have The Princess Bride memorized. That should be easy to deal with compared to knitting amphibians.

Pictures clockwise
Inga hat
Fiona's top
Hemlock Ring Blanket
Little Bubbles
Mitered Square hanging towel
Cabled Wrap

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Goose said...

Hey I like the frog...oh wait, it is my classroom! :)

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