Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Read between the lines.

Last night-

Fellow knitter- "Are you stressed?"
Me (kind of laughing)- "Um, yes"
Fellow knitter- "Yeah, I read your blog. I can usually read between the lines, and I think you might be stressed."

Yes, OK people. I am stressed. Raise your hand if you are not stressed? What? No takers? (And if you do have your hand up, realize I hate you right now!) Stress is normal. It is a normal response to life's circumstances sometimes. And even though I KNOW THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO, right now I'm still a little stressed.

My friend recently told her husband, "the next time the Mayor buys a house she doesn't think she'll do it on fertility meds." To which his response was somewhere along the lines of "Holy Shit!" (His words, not mine.) But thank you for understanding. Add to that a completely unexpected phone call from our caseworker, a new role at work and my plate is a little full at the moment. The cardiac work up a couple of weeks ago might have been my body's way of telling me to chill out, or it might be something to stress about. Which came first? The chicken or the egg. Life or stress? Or was it stress then life?

Considering I have yet to have a breakdown in public, I have (as of right now) not cussed anybody out (out loud), and my marriage is not on the rocks, I think I'm handling things very well. I do admit to sleeping on the couch last night, but it's because my couch is very comfortable. More comfortable than my bed.

Stress is normal. I can do stress. What I don't do is laundry. If you'd like to be a real help don't tell me not to stress, come help fold this mountain.

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Goose said...

How about you come fold mine and I will fold yours. My pile is sitting on the couch looking at me I think it knows that I scrubbed the toilets and everything in the house rather than fold it...

There is nothing better than the smell of clothes fresh out of the dryer... except maybe having someone (besides me) to fold those freshly cleaned clothes...

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