Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's all about the Papa.

My husband's request when Scrunch was learning to coo and babble was that he not be called "Dad", "Daddy" or "Da-da." I still don't totally understand why. I don't usually ask much on things like that. He rarely asks for anything, so I oblige. And I know he has his reasons.

So, even if it's a little "Little House on the Prairie" he goes by Papa. If you ask Scrunch where her daddy is she'll just stare at you. But she knows exactly who her Papa is.

Today is all about Papa. Scrunch is all about her Papa every day. And I am all about a man who wants to be good at being Scrunch's Papa.


Casey said...

Such awesome pictures! And in one of my FAVORITE places on earth! Happy father's day to Scrunch's papa!

Holly said...

love it!!!

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