Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy As I Can Be

Lest you think I be sittin' on me bum tweedlin' ma thumbs waitin' fo dis boy to show. I ain't. Ain't nevah been busier.

OK, I'm done writing in a Southern maid's accent (or whatever that was). It's harder than it seems, especially for a very middle class California girl like myself. I just downloaded 'The Help' and hope it's good because I'm almost finished with my "Holy Crap! We've got to get this done before I'm tethered to a newborn! List" I wiped myself out this weekend in getting there and made my husband cry "Uncle!"

I use the term almost because I have about another week's worth of projects and supplies left and only three days until my due date. Such a patient man that husband!

Front Porch:
Flowers and a new wreath. I made it up as I went along after scoring the flowers at Dollar Tree.

Scrunch's Room:
Painted the headboard onto the wall because it was cheap and cute. I painted the wall art because (again) cheap and I think it turned out pretty cute. If you call it "custom" any old crap on the wall will sell in the right boutique. I added the three different colors of cording to the otherwise plain bedskirt and put the binding on the new quilt from Grami. The nightstands are still on the backporch- sanded but not yet painted. Dude! I'm only one person!

The three P's:
Pears-Totally digging the new dehydrator. Mango, pears, and roll ups are like candy!
Paint- Lucky Bamboo by Behr is my favorite color in the whole world. It is in just about every room of my house starting with the front door mat.
Puppy Quilt- Finally put the binding on the other quilt from Grami.


P.S. He takes all my pictures.

A very patient man.


Lisa said...

All I can say is those are some mad decorating skills. Where do you come up with this stuff??

Ashley and Dustin said...

Man... I thought I knew you! When did you take up painting? And all that other AMAZING stuff you do. I wish I was your next door neighbor, I could learn a lot from you, like how to be Super Women! Good Luck with your baby, i can't wait to see pix :)

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