Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is nesting.

With the completion of every house/painting/decorating project completed, I have been accused of "nesting." I don't think it has anything to do with nesting at all. I think is has to do with buying a new-to-us house less than a year ago and the never ending trips to Home Depot that go with it. I can finally paint any garish color I want to-just because I want to! If you are a homeowner, household projects should not count towards nesting behavior. A never ending list of "Git 'er done" projects is just the way it is.

Now, if you want to talk nesting. My Target shopping cart last Wednesday might have been indicative of this behavior. Six packages of regular sized hangers, six packages of infant/toddler hangers, a shower caddy, a stove top scouring pad, a Mrs. Myers product for every room in the house, and a razor blade to scrape the remaining ick from the stove. In short, the most boring Target shopping cart ever, and yet one of the most fulfilling when put to use.

Happy Saturday folks! Hop to! There are projects to be tackled. Not because we're nesting, just because that's what Saturday's are for. Or as my mother would say, "Just git 'er done!" Oh yes, my mother really does say that. An unlikelier fan of Larry of the Cable Guy you'll never find.


Marti said...

You are right, you're not nesting, you just take after your mom :)and there's nothing wrong with that!

cambridgeclan said...

My step-mom is a Larry the cable guy fan. You would never know it just by meeting her. As for nesting: This was the first time I ever felt like I truly nested, and I think nesting has a little craziness to it. The day before I had David I HAD to get certain things done as fast as I could. Then I got my toes done:) Then I was ready.

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