Friday, April 30, 2010

Naked and Hairless

After today, I have the green light on pushing the kid through the chute. Don't hold your breath though, I've still got two weeks (plus or minus a couple of days) and about fourteen projects in my knitting queu to go before we're really ready to be a family of four. Four! Holy Shmoly we've doubled! Four means we can be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween!

Four calls for four appointments.

There is no way around it. Whether natural, or through adoption, or dropped straight from the moon, in order for me to parent someone is going to make me clean my house. The Midwives are coming today for my "home inspection". Not really much of an inspection, just making sure we've got all the goods. (That statement implies so much more than you know.)

If they weren't so creepy looking I'd have a hairless dog. Creepy or not, hairless is good. If you've known me for any length of time, you know I'd like to be hairless. I hate hair. Anywhere. I have an appt. this afternoon for a bikini and brow. I'm trying a new girl and while almost as exciting as dressing up as TMNT, I'm still a little nervous. Please add her to your morning prayers. It would be most inconvenient for me should she have an off day today.

Add Rhonda to the list while you're add it. I'm sure you don't have anything in your life that needs tending to. Spend the day praying that my hair stylist is in her groove, too. I'm hacking it. Short. Short. short. 

And just because I'm in the mood to brag a wee little bit, I'm seeing Carrie the Masseuse tomorrow. Is that the Hallelujah choir I hear? 

I will not be adding pictures when I find my camera cord. I know exactly where my camera cord is. While naked and hairless might be my dream come true, I realize it might not be for everyone. Thank your lucky stars for that.


Lisa said...

It really is a countdown from here on out. You are so close! Something about the home visit always makes reality hit for me. That and the time I showed up at the midwives' house 39 weeks pregnant, saw the tub sitting out front, then had them tell me, "That's there all ready to go for you!" Gulp.

Good vibes coming your way.

Lisa said...

You're going to do great, by the way. I know it will be a beautiful experience for you.

The Wife said...

Oh my gosh, while most women nest, you chop & wax...I love it!

Good luck with "pushing the kid through the shoot". As I finish up my OB and L&D rotation I totally get your plan to pop him out at home.

Casey said...

Your blog always makes me smile... and laugh right out loud...tonight was no exception! Thanks!

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