Monday, April 5, 2010


I have this- "TDBD" written at the top of four, maybe eight running lists right now. And they just keep getting longer, and longer, and longer as I get lazier, and lazier, and lazier.

It stands for 'To Do Before Dude'.

  • Once A Month Cooking
  • Six more days of work
  • Clean my closet
  • Find the carseat
  • Gather up all the stuff for birth
  • Go see Carrie the Masseuse

Knitting List

Sewing List
Painting List
Um. Yeah.

So when he's eight we might have mostly painted walls and eat a decent meal around here. He can put the Duck Booties on his G.I. Joe, and Scrunch can wear the hooter hider over her swimming suit at the beach. Awesome.

Duh! I meant, 'To Do Before Dude Hits Puberty'. You didn't actually think I'd accomplish most of this in the next six weeks, did you? Only one of us was that dumb. I'm much smarter now.

Linking to something should almost count as having actually accomplished it. The knits are actually the top priority. You don't have to get out of the recliner to knit.

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Casey said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list...good luck with that!

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