Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Scrunch Stuff

My car floor was never going to be covered in Cheerios, or craisins and filled with kid crap. Now I have designed and am in the process of writing a pattern for a backseat organizer.

I was never going to let the t.v. babysit my kid. Now Sesame Street is when I vacuum, shower, or pee all by myself.

I used to mourn the inability to breastfeed Scrunch, until this week. I saw her bite the nipple off the bottle. Off! For the love! I think I'll be weaning at the first sign of teeth.

I used to wonder where all the missing socks went. Now I know that two year olds know. After twenty minutes in my closet, they are wherever all the shoelaces ended up.

She informed both husband and I this evening that the baby's name will be "Coco". Poor baby brother. There's no doubt he will be dressed up in tu-tus and made a practice dummy for the perfection of cosmetics application.

She also informed me last week that she "just need to borrow this" as she walked out of the bathroom with my lipgloss.



Marti said...

Dale and I learned early on to never say never, because it always came back and bit us in the butt! We try real hard to not be judgemental of others teenagers since we have 4 of them!

Goose said...

He's eating it without me!! Haha. That was classic. I love that child

cambridgeclan said...

I love Ani in the background sleeping on the little trampoline.

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