Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's the "norm" anyway?

"But you're so normal?"

I have to laugh when I hear that. Like when people find out just how strong some of my political leanings are. How can I stand to live in Northern California? How strong most of my opinions on anything are. Or that (gasp) I am a Mormon. That one kills me everytime. As if membership in the church or more importantly spirituality or having a personal relationship with God and the Savior is reserved for those that don't eat chocolate or jump on the trampoline on Sunday.

Most recently it came up at a Board Meeting when discussing the planning of activities. I mentioned using vinegar and lemon to clean and cloth diapering. The woman sitting accrossed from me's jaw dropped open, "You do that?"


"But you're so normal."

One of the most awkward situations in my entire life besides why I always, always, ALWAYS knock when entering any closed door, was when I attended a class on cloth diapering at a local woman's group.

I had been doing cloth diapering since day one. I just wanted to see if there was something more I could learn. I walked into a group that fit every stereotypical connotation of an "organic cloth diapering mama." I stuck out like a sore thumb what with my sparkly sandals, big sun glasses, and (gasp) foundation- let alone mascara. The women were rude and talked to me like I was an idiot. I left totally bummed and disappointed. I realized then and there a very important lesson. One which I spewed in response to a comment I recently read on Facebook.

Original Comment-

"If the image of the dread lock wearing peace mongering alternative lifestyle, kind, loving person with a bumper sticker that says “my karma ran over your dogma” in a Subaru gets your nose in the air and inspires images of hell fire and damnation wrapped in Old Glory, maybe you should think about who is more “Christian” in this scenario. Who WOULD Jesus Bomb?"

"I am proud to consider myself among what many apparently angry and guilt ridden individuals call a hippie, liberal, alternative whatever or counter-culturalist. I want to thank them for including me in the kindest gentlest and most loving group of people on the planet - that actually live principles of peace rather than just preach them - and thank them for not lumping me in with their war, organized religion , hatred of lifestyles etc. Its a badge of honor to me and I wear it proudly. Thanks again to whoever the nasty shoe fits :)"

My response-

Hold up a sec...

Isn't that kind of assuming that the hippie, peace loving, Subaru driving, complete with bumper stickers didn't call me an f-ing bitch when I accidentally cut him off in my too huge for my face sunglasses, leather jacket, and SUV? Not because I intended to run the guy/gal who may or may not be a nut job off the road, but because my two year old dropped her BPA free sippy cup.
He might have noticed my wedding ring and my husband's alma mater baseball cap in the dash and made some assumptions about me. Not knowing that while I am associated with organized religion, support war, and don't hate people but can not agree with certain choices, I also cloth diaper, buy organic, and that same husband is preparing to hike the John Muir Trail- a feat you don't accomplish without recognizing the importance of conservation and respecting our Earth's resources.

Just this morning at the hotel breakfast there was a story about the Feds busting a sushi place in CA for serving whale meat. My outloud and instant reaction was, "Ewww gross. There's so much to eat, why whale?" The obviously hippie, so called peaceloving dude in the same room's comment was, "We're so hyprocritical when it comes to whales. We keep them in the giant fish tanks. I'm glad that one girl got eaten. Sea World should be shut down" Ouch!

Just sayin'. It goes both ways. Being judgmental is not exclusive to a certain "type" of person.
Just sayin'. Who gets to define "normal" anyway?

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Holly said...

Ahhh you make me chuckle Yannette. Loving the new look of the blog, btw.

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