Sunday, April 11, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Besides having hair like Catherine Zeta-Jones (lets hate her for that), getting her Master's Degree at 23, teaching Special Ed in the ghetto, and being a wiz in the kitchen, my sister also gives the best Christmas presents ever!

She gifted me maternity yoga clothes at Christmas time and informed me that she would come and cook during her Spring Break. She also doesn't lie.

32 assorted meals prepped and ready in the freezer.

We cleaned up the mess with the second best present ever, my Hoover FloorMate from my mom. Christmas gifting must be a genetic trait.

Loves to you both. Had I had to do it without you, you'd have had to listen to me whine and moan. Now you both can rest easy that your favorite two year old will not starve while her mother figures out where she's going to get another set of hands. Maybe next Christmas?


Goose said...

You are welcome. Oh, and I was 22 thank you very much :)

Casey said...

Amazing gift(s)! I need to get me one of those sisters! Maybe I'll ask for one at Christmas...

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