Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Night (Random) Thoughts

Scrunch asked tonight at dinner where God was. Did you know you can choke on rice?

There is no point in taking a nap if you're going to wake up more tired than you were before you went to sleep.

Even though I can't think or put a coherent sentence together, I can still multi-task. I sat on the birthing ball while blow drying my hair today.

Everyone has a take on how to induce labor. And they share them with you without you even asking if they see you coming. Walking seems to be the most commonly suggested, followed closely by (shhhh) s.e.x.  It's funny  what people will come up with. Just an FYI- teaching Relief Society doesn't work, but you'll get a whole lot of women telling you they'll pray for you. While sweet, you come home wondering if anyone listened to your lesson and asking "How bad do I look?"

Funny stuff only a midwife could say... "Oh. He feels so cute." And my personal favorite, "Your pelvis is a Midwife's dream."

I bought a new blender yesterday with the whole purpose of making fruit roll-ups. Tonight I'm making yogurt in the crockpot. Why? Because I can. I hope it works or I've wasted a whole lot of time researching stupid subjects on Google. What's new?

One popcorn flavored Jelly Belly can ruin the whole handful.

After re-reading my random thoughts (checking for spelling errors I won't find) I realize that it's no wonder where my daughter gets her gift for random dinner conversation topics.


Lisa said...

I like to sit on my birthing ball and fold laundry. They're also good for soothing fussy babies.

Shane & Amy said...

your lesson was great! you looked pregnant.... you looked very cute in your dress! Your hair cut is something I wish I could pull off but I'm not brave enough to go too short again! Anyway, I love reading your random thoughts and can't wait to see your baby!

Miquela said...

I hate taking a nap and feeling worst afterwards then I did before the nap.

Goose said... are going to give birth on the 22nd...just thought you should know.

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