Saturday, May 8, 2010


"Are you ready?" and "When are you due again?" are followed closely by "Is Scrunch excited?"

To which I have no response.

She is acutely aware that there are about to be significant changes in her life, but I don't think she has a clue as to what. I don't have a clue as to what.

In her mind, the world's axis rotates solely around her. I think the same is true for most first children, but is amplified in my mind because she's also the only niece and grandchild on my side. It wasn't exactly a cake walk to bring her into our family and once she got here she's been the sun, the moon, and the stars.

I whined in an octave higher than my normal speech (this defines whining) to my mom as I drove to work a few weeks ago.

"I'm about to shatter her world."

"She is the center of the universe and she's going to wake up one morning and not be anymore."

My mother is no-nonsense and does not do whining. Her response, "There is more than one universe."

A scientific fact.

And with that, the whining was over.

She sat on my lap like this for about twenty minutes the other morning. I asked what she was doing and she said "listening".

"Are you listening to your brother?"


"What's he saying?"

She was quiet for a minute. I wasn't sure I was going to get an answer. Then she said "Ummmmmm...." like she wasn't sure she wanted to give me an answer. She kind of sighed. And then...., "We're friends."


Shane & Amy said...

Too sweet!!! She can still have her own universe. With mine, I try to make sure they each have their own.

Natster said...

So cute. Out of the mouth of babes...

Christa and Matt said...

Yannette, I just love this post! What great pictures of you and Kensley. I really truly felt the same way when Brooklynn was on her way and I was very worried how the transition would go for Alexis. But Alexis has LOVED her sister so much and has been so helpful with her. I thought I would be turning Lexi's world upside down, but it has only made it more fulfilling for her to have her very own sister. Kensley is gonna be great and grateful that you are giving her this awesome brother to teach and learn from. We can't wait to hear the news when he arrives!

Wilkins Clan said...

When I had my second child I really struggled. I felt that I was a bad mommy for doing that to my first child. Sounds crazy but I was very hormonal. When the second baby came my first child did have a hard time at first. I just gave her extra love and included her with helping with the baby. Now I look at them and they really are best friends and I think I gave them both a blessing to have each other. Just remember when scrunch is showing more than normal two year old behavor to give her more love and attention. Good luck and we can't wait to see your new little one!

Marin said...

So sweet. Good to see you today.

Katie said...


Holly said...

Oh man that just got me choked up. I love that little scrunch of yours.

Lisa said...

What a sweet, sweet post. Those pictures melt my heart. I, too, always mourn the loss of my "baby" (youngest child) when a new baby comes, but it gets easier. Like Tiffany said, siblings are a gift to our children. Remember that on the hard days; you are giving her a gift.

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