Tuesday, January 18, 2011

98% Adorable, 2% Only Cute Cuz It's Your Kid

  • It was cute oh, say, the first three hundred times, but by 798 it's not as cute, but still pretty cute all the same: 
Scrunch- What do I start with? K. What does 'Papa' start with? P. What does 'Mommy' start with? M. For some reason she knows what Porkchops name starts with. What does 'banana' start with? What does 'red' start with? What does 'coupon' start with? (So funny to watch her play coupons.) What does 'apple' start with? What does 'turkey' start with? And so on down the grocery store aisle...

Porkchop- This, ahem..., darling little trick where he bangs his bottle against the crib rails at 2a.m. to let me know he's hungry. Just like a little prisoner against the jail cell rails.

  • Brothers and sisters. No one can punk them but you:
Scrunch- To Porkchop, "No one wants to be friends with you." She then proceeds to put away all the toys all the time because, "He might choke." She just doesn't want him touching her stuff. She thinks everything is her stuff.
Porkchop- Pulling Sister's hair is awesome
  • Funny if it's not your kid:
Scrunch- In the grocery aisle..."I want a special treat." "You did not earn your special treat." LOUDLY so everyone is sure to hear, "I WANT TO EARN MY SPECIAL TREAT." "That's good. Next time you can do that." "NO ONE IS FRIEND'S WITH ME! YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND." Oh, yes. We were that family in the grocery line. And I had coupons.
Porkchop- He screeches just like a baby teradactyl. Just like one. Even in church. Even better during the Sacrament.
  • Funny even when it is your kid:
Scrunch- A man (and our home teacher) walked by us as we were trying to quietly stand at the back of the chapel  and bounce Porkchop to sleep on Sunday and just loudly enough for the last three rows to hear, "MOM!! IS THAT GOD!?" "No honey, that's not God." "IS IT GOD'S DAD?"

Porkchop- Screeching like a teradactyl anytime Ani approaches the high chair.

  • Ani and Jedi's Current Favorite Person...
Porkchop. Hands down. The never ending food source. Scrunch makes them play hide and seek and tries to put lipgloss on them.


Goose said...

Haha. Both dogs are just sitting and waiting for food, ani inn the first pic and jed in the second. Haha... I love your kids

Ellie said...

Jason pulls that same crap about putting everything away just as Lyla is reaching for it. OR he wasn't even thinking about it, turned see's she has it, MELTDOWN. It's his toy ect...ahh the joys.

Angela said...

Haha! Wait until you get "You are not my MOM anymore" in the grocery line. I think most of the people around when I'm there understand exactly what we're about. And appreciate that we aren't buying our kids the treats just to shut them up :)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate. And yes it's always funnier when it's someone elses kids.

Havent even started the hat. Where did you get the design for the skull and crossbones? Please tell me you didn't free hand it...

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