Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, to be three! A post-birthday post.

To recap.
Scrunch turned three yesterday.
What did she want?

"Strawberry Shortcake and fruit snacks."

What would it be like to get everything your little heart desires? Not to mention be completely and entirely thrilled with a box of fruit snacks.

We are still in the phase where other people have birthday parties. And I kind of like it like that way. I'd rather spend money on kids I like (mine) vs. kids I have to tolerate for three hours while I pray their parents aren't late to pick them up (sorry). (but true).

It's a day for family and traditions.

Strawberry milk and crumb donuts. A new one we're keeping.

Balloons. This one Porkchop could get used to.

Bowling. Her choice.
Wearing the hot vest mom knit. My choice.

Birthday wishes from [insert your name here].

Mr. and MiniMister

The park and a 24 point inspection. My three year old does a better job than the Nissan dealership.


Proof I was there.

Further proof I was there.

My view during dinner.

Sitting next to the fish was icing on the cake.

Except she hates cake. So she got "white ice cream with a cone" instead.

"Holy Gosh! It's fruit snacks!"
"It's Strawberry Shortcake. I just can't believe it!" shaking her head back and forth.

And if Porkchop could talk..."Thanks for having a birthday, Sis. Mine next."


Goose said...

For the record she was actually on the phone with me :) I am glad she had a happy birthday and I can't wait to see them both in february! :)

cambridgeclan said...

Bowling must be the in thing. Catherine just requested it for her birthday.

Time sure flies. It doesn't seem like that long ago you were gathered at a pizza place to celebrate 1 year. I love her face with the fruit snacks. If only we were thrilled with such simple things.

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