Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wonder of Wonders

I am still not allowed to talk about the fact that I am going to be naming my new niece/nephew Razmatazz so I don't really have a whole lot to say. But I would like to note that it was so nice of she and her husband to keep with the family theme of having every child that enters our family be a bloody miracle! No pressure on any other grandkids to come... 

If you're up for the discussion we really like Dericka Ezra Razmatazz as a name. We voted. It just sort of rolls off the tongue. And just in case you wondered, Scrunch still says it's a boy and that it's her best friend. She also told me that the Social Security Office was her favorite place, so I wouldn't necessarily bank on anything she tells you.

How is Gwen by the way? I hope your fetus has a nice day. Oh and Happy Birthday Jess! Get ready my dear, soon it will be all about your kid and nothing about you. I also hope you realize that I will take your kid to the zoo and let them do things you tell me not to, and I will knit them a felted Yoda hat, and I am sorry, but I will get not so secret pleasure when you chop your Catherine Zeta Jones hair into a short mom do.

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Goose said...

Thanks netty! :) Razmatazz is my favorite nick name by far. And Scrunch, Aunt Goose loves you! No, I LOVE YOU!

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