Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Frickem, Frackem!!!!

In a moment of less than brilliance I tried to do two things at once. First mistake. Biggest mistake was when those two things included calling my insurance and pumping.





That is my milk supply dwindling down to almost nothing. And just a few hours ago I was boasting that egg-nog makes me a moo like a bell to Pavlov's dogs. For the love!!!

I don't think I made a new friend today. The unlucky, English-as-a-second- language, customer NON-service rep tried to pass me off to her supervisor, but he (conveniently) is unavailable in meetings until four this afternoon at which time he is to supposedly calling me back. If he does, I'll shave my head. So help me! How much money are we betting on this one?

I've tried being nice, playing by the rules. It gets you nowhere. From here on out it is Miss T, Type A Bi-otch from another planet!! Good times over here on my end of the phone, let me tell you.

No worries. My milk is back. Like a non-compliant diabetic balancing their blood sugar bouncing between licorice and insulin, a handful of chocolate chips and marshmallows does wonders for both my stress and the milk.

And Scrunch? No worries there. The one mini candy cane I gave her to ensure a few minutes of quiet while on the phone turned in to four and getting to watch Lilo and Stitch. She's perfectly happy.

The clincher? I'm having a physical tonight. Read-having my blood pressure taken for a life insurance policy. Good times. Good times.

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Goose said...

I say that you should poke them in the eye. I find that gets your point across and it makes you feel better.

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