Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Memories: Does Santa Deliver?

I remember wanting a troll doll sooo badly one year. I wasn't the kid with forty-three of them. I probably had a couple of them already, but I wanted a big one.

Santa delivered. And she had bright pink hair.

It is this memory that softens my disappointment over Scrunch's latest declaration.

I asked Scrunch what she wanted to tell Santa she would like for Christmas. Since I'm sleeping with Santa, I already told him and it is packed away with the other packages she didn't even know she wanted, waiting to be wrapped. Thinking I was doing myself a favor, I am almost done with all the Christmas shopping. Yesterday she saw Santa for the first time and she did NOT ask him for a crab. She asked him for a furry pink kitty. Call me a slacker mom, but that one was not on my radar.

I tried to talk (o.k. trick) her out of it.

"So....What did you ask Santa for?"

"A furry pink kitty."

"But I thought you wanted a crab?"

"No, I want a furry pink kitty."

"But you said you wanted a crab. Now what if Santa is confused?"

"No, no Mom. I've got to tell you something. He can't be confused. I only told him I wanted a furry pink kitty."

Damn. She's good. And right. She only told me she wanted a crab.

"But Scrunch you have a kitty. Remember? What about Marie?"

"No. She's white. I asked for a pink kitty."

"Marie has a pink bow."

"No, her skin and fur have to be pink. I will go get her and show you." She promptly returns with Marie.
"See?" picking her up by her fur. "It's white. This is not pink, Mom."

"But Scrunch, kitties aren't pink. Kitties come in lots of colors, but not pink."

"That's why I asked Santa for one."

I lamented this to my Husband in my It's the Holidays and I'm Seven Months Pregnant Hormonal Way. You have to love him because very matter of factly he came up with a solution. "She has a white cat right? I'll go buy a red towel and do the laundry."

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Marti said...

She told me she wanted a furry pink kitty when I was there for Thanksgiving. I gues I should have passed the message along. Don't let her talk to Santa anymore or it might change again.

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