Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Baluga and a Momentous Occasion

When she grows up, we want Scrunch to be just like her Auntie-M. Note: That's Auntie-M, not Auntie-em.

She has the most infectious laugh and is a sweetheart and is one of Mommy's favorite people on the planet. She's most people's favorite person. Scrunch loves her. She taught her elephant sounds, cackles at everything she does, and has built in posturpedics.

When Auntie-M was a little girl she wore a pony tail right on top of her head that we called her spout. We called her Baby Baluga. As she got older the pony tail's nickname morphed into her "palm tree". The first day of school one year she came to mom wearing her jacket (hat and all) and told her she had cut the palm tree down. Hacked it off right at the base. We still tease her about it. Now Scrunch is sporting one. See? Just like her Auntie-M.

Oh, and the best part? Auntie-M is working hard so she can go to vet school. How awesome is that! I tell you that because it is totally awesome and so I can work in the picture of Scrunch and her Papa on her very first Downtown horse-drawn carriage ride. See the relation? Whatever. Auntie-M will like it.

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