Sunday, December 14, 2008

No longer feeling bad for my lameness.

There are pumpkins still on our porch. And a harvest-time looking door hanger. Oh, and it's almost the middle of December. I could/should/would be ashamed of this fact did I not know that other members of my family have taken Christmas decorating to a new level.

Check out my parents place. Holy crap Dad! I had no idea. Well I had a little of an idea. The first couple of years in the house Dad built a Santa that looked like he was stuck in the chimney that kicked his legs back and forth and then there was the huge Santa sign with arrow pointing down you could practically see from the freeway. But this! This is the kind of thing that gets random weird strangers (redundant phrasing) to pack up their kids in the middle of the night and sit parked in front of your house all night.

Now I'm excited about Christmas. And I no longer feel bad for my lameness. We'll just set the homepage to my parent's house until we leave and pretend it's us. Kind of like those DVDs of the fireplace going.

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Holly said...

HOLY CRAP!! That is takin it to a whole new level! Looks like someone wants to impress Scrunch.

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