Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cutest thing.

My blogging as of late has been lacking. Either to being legitimately busy or in a legitimate bad mood. What I really meant to say yesterday was that people in Target parking lots are A-holes. And their time is not more valuable than mine so they might as well slow the hell down. Or not, and when they end up wrapped around a tree I hope I get to go their house and change their catheter. Then I'll ask them if they would prefer I take my time.

Isn't it amazing how spewing into cyberspace can make you instantly feel better?

So we can get on with more important things.

I think this might be the cutest thing I've ever made. Ever. (I don't get to take credit for my kid.) And I'm trading it away. The bow lady of a few months ago is finally being repaid- in snowflakes. There are two of them for two little girls. Her two year old has the longest hair I've ever seen on a kid, so I made matching snowflake bobby pins.

I'd be more sad than I am if I didn't already have plans (and tights) for a Valentine's Day dress for Scrunch. Making dresses in multiples almost makes me think about numero dos. Almost. We can't think about number two until we have an adequate excuse as to why we have over three thousand pictures of number one. I can't help it. She's that cute.

I wish I could take credit, but she came that way. Special order. Santa has even given me curls for Christmas. This is the kid that yesterday when I took her to Taco Bell says, "Mmmmm. Mama. Mmmmm." I'd have bought her a Happy Meal just then if she'd asked. And you know how I feel about Happy Meals.

I am a sucker for all things cute. But especially Scrunches that are starting to talk.

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Marti said...

Love that sweater! You did a great job.

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