Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards

How did it get to be December 23 already? In the interest of time (which at this point there is not going to be enough of), our Christmas card will be written in ten words or less. With five in the fam that averages to two words per person. Shut up Miqui. I didn't need a calculator, and dogs are people too. She's reading over my shoulder as I type. Anyway, ten words or less...

John works.
Yannette knits.
Scrunch giggles.
Jedi fetches.
Ani barks.

Next year- more of the same.
Merry Christmas!

Damn. That's twelve words.

Oh, and the cat.

Still mad at the cat.

Maybe we should make this twenty words or less.

Photo by Gloria Meredith Photography. Her pics have been the best Christmas present ever. (Endorsements don't count as part of the letter word count.)


northslopegang said...

merry christmas to you all. When I actually go back to sleep, it's now 3:00 I'll post our christmas card too. Until then have a good one and thanks for everything.

Marti said...

I thought if you had a blog you didn't have to send out cards. Isn't a blog like a year round Christmas letter? If not I'm screwed!

Virge said...

Thanks Yannette.
Merry Christmas!

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