Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can I take it at my house?

I am soooo the wrong person to ask. I say 'yes' to things like that.

 Porkchop thinks 'new' babies are lamer than the dumb No-nos he's been sporting for two weeks.

But he's over it since Papa put the kibosh on the lamby.

I wish I could say yes. 

How 'bout a cone instead?

They only said syringe and no bottle. Cone wasn't mentioned once in the discharge orders.


cambridgeclan said...

David LOVES animals. If we could get away with it, Levi would get a goat. He wants it to eat the yard for us:)

Ellie said...

Where is that place? And when are we going??

Goose said...

Cuteness!!! Maybe we should convince mom to get a lamb to go with her chickens and then we can visit it :)

Oh, and do you like the carrier you have Porkchop in?

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