Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

With all my whining, wailing, and gnashing of teeth the Easter Bunny still managed to fit our house into his busy schedule. It wasn't easy, I'm tellin' ya.

"Scrunch, don't you think you should go on a walk with Papa?"


Oh, for the love!!!! "Why???" That three letter word makes me think four letter words lately.


"Because, why?"

"Because the Easter Bunny can't come if you're still here."

"Well, it's okay. I'll just hide."

"No. He'll know."

"I can't go. He'll be soooo sad if I'm not here."

"No. You're going. Really fast. Now go!"

Papa, my great helper, took "fast" a little too literally. The ink on the letter wasn't even dry before they came up the driveway. It was still in my hand.

"Oh, look! The Easter Bunny left you a note."

Dang, those Easter Bunnies are fast.

It's not like we wouldn't have had any fun had he not shown up. We might be thirty minutes from Tar-jay and in the middle of nowhere, but the neighborhood makes up for it in other ways. We're less than five minutes to the great Easter Hunt. Scrunch could take or leave the eggs, but the baby piggies she definitely wanted to take.

Hoppy Easter!!


Goose said...

These pics make me miss scrunch and porkchop. Bring them back to see their aunt goose. Oh, and Scrunch definitely needs a potbellied pig.

Katie said...

Those are 2 cute kids and
1 scary-A Easter bunny! I don't want him near my house either!

Marti said...

As always, your kids are adorable, but I must say, that is the creepiest Easter Bunny I have ever seen!

Casey said...

so much Easter fun! except for the guy in the bunny costume...that freaks me out...always has...always will! scrunch has good sense!

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