Monday, April 18, 2011

Merry Go Round

When I set out to paint the kitchen and it's cabinets I didn't intend on triggering the cascade of Spring cleaning that would follow.

I probably wouldn't have started.

Um, I definitely wouldn't have started.

If you're going to take all the cupboard doors off as well as their hardware, you might as well wipe out and organize their contents.You're perched across the ladder and notice the top of the microwave, it needs wiping. You can't wipe the top of the microwave and the oven and then not do the top of the fridge. If you do the top of the fridge you have to do behind and underneath it. Might as well hit the inside while you're there. I thought I was a relatively adequate housekeeper, but what is up with the goop underneath the fridge? While you're sitting on the floors cursing not being born with the adequate number of appendages (like eight)  to re-attach the cupboards so they're level, you start to notice that not much of the grout is it's original color. Most grout isn't gray? The kids love the Home Depot lighting department and I love anything labeled Zep. Their grout cleaner is nothing short of magic. Real MAGIC. You experiment with their new bathroom cleaner while the kids splash in the tub. Wowzas! I love this stuff. What else can I spray? Anything else that gets sprayed needs to get wiped. And round and round. For two, almost three days.

The very last protective coat was applied to the last three cupboards. It dried and I went to re-hang them, but had to pull the fridge out again. For the love! What IS this crap? Wasn't I just here less than forty-eight hours ago? I want off this ride!!!!! So I did the only thing I knew how to make it stop. I packed up and left to a place where there is no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning. And we've been at Grami and Gramps' ever since.

Tomorrow we head home, but I feel a lot better equipped to face the goop under the fridge again. Whatever it is.

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If you give a mouse a cookie...

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