Sunday, April 24, 2011

Emma Smith and Easter

Easter Sunday is not going as planned. Admittedly, I haven't planned this Holiday very well. My timing and the Easter Bunny's is completely off. He showed up at Grami's last week and those adorable chicks I had planned to knit are still on the needles. At 5:45a.m. I had a mini melt down in the shower.

My kids are not going to wake up to the Easter Bunny!


I cried. Lame. Whatever. But I did.

My kids were not going to wake up to Easter Bunny!

Lots of kids are not going to wake up to the Easter Bunny. ('s not what Easter is about...Their Easter Bunny is serving in our Armed our troops!!...they have no parents...poor kids starving in third world countries....blah, blah, blah...I know.)

But my kids could have! And they won't because I want Husband to be here for it and he won't be because he has to go his dumb Church calling meetings at 6:00a.m.

I get bent out of joint when my husband has to attend some, o.k. most of these meetings. Every frappen' Sunday! I will wrestle the curlers into Scrunches hair by myself. If I don't cuss before getting there (it's forty minutes away) Sunday will be on an upswing. I know I'm not the only mom. I "get" it. Trust me I do. But I don't like it and my thought process proves it. "...Support the Brethren... Honor your Priesthood holder... These men need to learn to lead the Church....Isn't there someone else?....What the? were they thinking?... We are suckers and easy targets..... Think of Emma..... Think of Emma.... Think of Emma...."

And think of her I did. Oh, how I love Emma Smith!

But when my husband insinuated that he had responsibilities he needed to fulfill and we were not the only ones to sacrifice...Oh, no. You did not just go there!!! Oh, he did. And all hell broke loose and I unleashed a rant.

"That's right! They paid the sacrifice! They PAID the Sacrifice!!! And God love them for it!!! Every woman who had her husband ripped from her home by mobs. Every child who wondered when their Father would return home!!"

Oh, I am good.

Oh. so. good! at these righteous rants.

"They paid so that WE didn't have to!!!"

As I got more and more worked up my righteous indignation, I realized "I was right!!!" But for all the wrong reasons.

It took me a minute and Husband was long gone to his meetings. I was warming a sippy cup of milk in the microwave when I realized it.

He paid so that we didn't have to.

That's what it's really about.

The Easter Bunny will have been here when we get home from Church.


Ellie said...

This was the the only Easter message I got today. So, thanks!

cambridgeclan said...

After much parental guilt while laying in bed last night, the Easter Bunny hid eggs around our house during church. If it makes you feel better, I cried about to stupid Easter Bunny last night too.

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