Friday, August 21, 2009

As Good As It Gets

I've got to do it now because tomorrow I'll be too blubbery. Tomorrow is a big fricken deal. As good as it gets. A baby is going to be sealed to his mommy and daddy and in a few hours we're getting in the car so we can be there.

It is hard to explain so that people can understand. And I apologize to my friends who are not members of the LDS church because this will make no sense. I'll explain it if you're ever interested, but basically a temple sealing is as good as it gets. And even if you are a member and have even been through the temple, it is still hard to understand unless you've been there or experienced it.

As we sat waiting for our own family sealing my Husband leaned over to me and said, "You know, being born under the Covenant sucks." That's not what he meant, but if there is anything that can be placed on the Pro side of the list when it comes to adoption, it is going to the temple and having that child sealed to you. It hands-down trumps just about every other experience in this life. Even giving birth. It's like a special bonus for those of us who will may never experience that. A gold star from Heavenly Father so you know you haven't been left out. It is the entire point to everything. And it is totally cool.

Congratulations Brad, Holly, and Grady. I can't even think of three people I know that I am more happy for right now. We love you.

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Casey said...

Well said (as usual)! I totally agree! I've enjoyed catching up on your least as depicted in your blog (didn't want you to think I was peeking through the windows or anything). Looks like you've been busy...and busy making CUTE things! I'm totally going to see The Time Traveler's Wife..with my cousins, not my husband! Thanks for the tip!

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