Wednesday, August 26, 2009

These Things are True

Here I go probably propagating urban legends... But sometime (I think last year) Pres. Monson encouraged somewhere (I think in Conference) to take yearly family pictures. Please let it be true. It's counsel we've actually followed. And I would like to bear my testimony about the truthfulness of this doctrine.

Take family pictures. Lots of them. And cute ones. And hang them everywhere you are. Laundry room. Kitchen. Forget HGTV and all their tips about appropriate placement of family picture walls. Just hang them and do it now. Because one of these days your kid is going to get a mouth on them and then you will be able to look at the pictures and say, "Remember when they were cute?"

Cuz the "Nooos" and the "make mess" and the tantrums over who is holding the grape bowl or over where you can run naked are not so very cute right now. And make sure to include your four-legged kids. Because when they get into a tuna can and slice their lip and get blood all over your new rug, you'll want to remember that they were cute once too.

I know these things are true.

And I love my roommates.

I take comfort in knowing that if she doesn't shape up there are plenty of embarrassing pictures in the archives that can just as easily be blown up and hung on the walls when her friends come over and she turns 16.

Part of this years pics can be seen here.


Miquela said...

If things don't work out with McDonald's you can always try Coppertone.

mom said...

Tooo cute!!!

Holly said...

Such a very cute bum!! I want one:)

Casey said...

Now that's some parenting logic I can relate too! Awesome blackmail pics!

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