Friday, August 28, 2009

You don't care. But I really do.

My twenty-buck sofa never made it down the hall to the crap craft room.

My obsessing is going to pay off, I can feel it. Come on. I watched The Secret.

Husband has agreed to paint the kitchen sometime before Halloween.

Benjamin Moore Pear Green

The next DIY project and trip to IKEA.
Ikea Gorel

How good at this wishful thinking can I get?

Inspiration for our bedroom. It's a sign. I know it. Our bedroom has this exact set up. We even have a ceiling fan. This must be working.

Picture courtesy of none other than BHG.


Casey said...

Looks great so far! See? Someone cares!

mousemovie said...

I feel Husband's pain... He does know it won't stop with just the Kitchen, right?

Miquela said...

I am starting to think you have an HGTV mental illness.

Melissa and Michael said...

where can I get those curtains? they are the exact same color as the new comforter set I just bought this week.

Shane & Amy said...

I stumbled on this blog before I know that it was yours...then I heard you moved down here and I went back to re read your blog, hoping that it was yours. I'm excited you moved down here and I'm glad I finally got to meet you today at the park. If my sis-in-law loves ya, then I know I will too. I look forward to getting to know you and becoming friends! I've enjoyed your're hilarious!

Miquela said...

I thought you might like this blog:

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