Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who needs one more thing to do?

I would like to write a book review, but that would imply that I've read a book lately. And I can't remember even the title, much less the details of the last book I've read enough to write any report of substance. So lets start a book club, shall we? I know there are lots of sites like Shelfari and Good Reads, but I'm too lazy and don't need one more place to log in, check, update, etc. You can even pick the book. Once a month I'll tell you what I think. And you can tell me what you thought. It doesn't have to be publishable review for the New Yorker. You can say, "I thought the book was dumb." And I won't even come back with, "Well, maybe you're dumb." I promise.

Ready? Set. Read.

Aw, crap. We need a book. Suggestions? I'll let you know on Monday what I (we'll) be reading. I know I can at least count on two of you.

Dad. Miqui. That means you.

* Post Edit- I can count on Goose too.


Goose said...

I am offended. :) Why not me?

Miquela said...

Umm, how about the Time traveler's wife? Then we can go see the movie and write a review on the movie too.

Miquela said...

Um Jessi, your starting a new school year next week that's why. The only books you will be reading are on a seventh grade reading level...if your lucky.

mousemovie said...

The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything by John D. MacDonald...


Pigs Have Wings by P. Wodehouse.

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