Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never say never.

Today was a momentous occasion. For several reasons actually. One of which being that I started running uh jogging uh walking. I mean, come on. How many times have I blogged about how much I hate running? And look. Here's one more. I will never be a runner. That's what I said. (This is where you look back at the title of the post and say, oh I get it! Never say never. Catchy.) The activity hurts and gets you right back where you started (if you're lucky). I fail to see the point unless you are being chased. 3.8 miles later I still thinks it's lame but I plan on doing again on Friday. Plus, the chick I'm going with seems quite normal and I'd like to corrupt her find out why.

***Side story...want to know how you know you've watched too many episodes of NCIS on Netflicks? As you leave your house at o'dark thirty you realize you don't have your cell phone and you contemplate going back to get it. Why do you need your cell phone? So you can call the authorities when you discover a body. It's always a runner, a biker, or a hiker who finds the bodies.

I also said I'd never bribe my child with chocolate chips. That didn't take long. But after trying on the dress I made (without a pattern btw) about twelve times, she put her foot down on the thirteenth. Rather than engage in the wrestling match, because quite frankly I'm afraid she could beat me, I told her I'd giver a chocolate chip if she would put the dress on for mommy. She prompting said, " Yesh." and put the dress on. She then proceed to wipe her hand across the front. No, it's not my crappy camera. It is a water spot. Because today God smiled upon me and made chocolate chips water soluble. And that brings us to the moral of this rambling story...yup, you guessed it... never say never.


Marti said...

Are you calling people who like to run not normal? How rude! JK Running is the fastest way to get a good cardio workout and I get to yell at stupid drivers who don't stop at stop signs:)
And it's not bribery it's called an incentive.
Cute dress!

cambridgeclan said...

I am all about the walk. Why run unless something is behind you? I went for a walk this morning also, but I was a good girl and brought my cell phone "just in case". I have used many a chip in my parenting days and look how my kids are turning out:)

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