Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Done and Done

The sinus pressure that is building and undoubtedly causing my eyes to bulge and brain to explode is also creating an inability to put two coherent sentences together. I am taking comfort in stuffing my face with Taco Bell while sorting buttons and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflicks. God bless my child for asking for "night-night" at 7:15.

Oh, yes. I am the very picture of domestic loveliness right now. This should be a fashion blog rather than a adoption/infertility/craft/knitting/all-about-me-and-what-I-want-blog. Me in my paint speckled scrubs and purple flip flops and a roll of toilet paper close at hand. I'm going to quit being so damn cheap and buy Kleenex- the REAL thing. In fact, let me add it to the Safeway list right now. Done. To be delivered on Friday. Oh, and lemons. Let me tell you how irritated I am that it is too hot for tea.

Oh, crap. I just watched the cat eat a button. Why is that so funny? Vet bills aren't that funny. Ask me how I know. I must be out of my head. But I already knew that.

I lost my keys today while getting gas. Don't ask. I still don't know. I knew I had to have then though because obviously I got to the gas station. Losing my keys and taking a cat I don't even like to the vet would not normally crack me up. There's also the thought of watching my posterity fight at my funeral over this shawl. I want to knit this before I die. Unless my head actually does explode in the next twelve hours, in which case I'll only blog about it before I die. Done.

Isn't there a law against having a cold when it's so bloody hot? There should at least be one about blogging while having one. I'm not even on Sudafed. Yet.

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Miquela said...

It is a shame it wasn't a zipper:)The cat honestly swallowed a button? Is he okay?

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