Monday, January 26, 2009

Celebrate Birth-days

In one of the 'Raising Adopted Children' books I've read along the way, I remember reading something about children and their birthdays. It talked about how it would not be unusual for a child to become moody or upset on their birthday because Birthday's bring up the subject of their birth. This might be upsetting or uncomfortable for some children.

I can see that.

But I hope that it's not like that for our daughter.

On her birthday we celebrate!

We don't just get to celebrate the passing of another year and reaching of milestones throughout her life, but we celebrate her birth. In doing so, we celebrate her Birth-mother. We think of her. We remember her. We are ever-grateful for her. And we celebrate her. Celebrate the choice that she made and celebrate our greatest Birth-day present ever.

The day she was born was the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. That is cause for celebration.

Happy Birthday Scrunch! You are a gift.


Marti said...

Happy Birthday!! And I loved the party decor! Enjoy every minute and year with her because it goes by way too fast!!

mom said...

yea!!! a birthday!!!!
We love birthdays!!!!


Casey said...

So sweet! I agree with you! Celebrate big! Looks like a fun party!

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