Monday, January 12, 2009


This is my new mantra. Hydration in moderation. And NOT an hour before I go to bed.

In preparation for my new exercise endeavor I needed to hydrate a lot and quickly. I didn't remember until last night about ten thirty which left me only seven hours before practice and sixty four ounces left to go. I went alright. and went. and went. ALL night long. I HATE to pee. Honest. HATE it. It is such a waste of time. But to wake up all night long to pee irks. Hate it even more.

I have found my happy place. Not in a Cosmo 'how-to' article sort of way, but in a now-I-get-why-people-exercise kind of way. Finally something that works for me. Getting up at 0445 is not my favorite, but it is compensated with one of the best work outs of my entire life and complete and total relaxation. For an hour an half I didn't think about anything. Nothing. Except 'no wonder they call it Hot yoga'. It's hot. Really hot. And it would make even a pig sweat.

So, it is now Monday morning still two hours before noon and I have learned two things. 1) What goes in must come out and 2) Hot yoga is hot. I'm feeling pretty good about things.

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northslopegang said...

I can relate to the all night long visits to the bathroom. Not fun..doesn't get better with age either.

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