Saturday, January 10, 2009

In the Trenches

Having worked in geriatrics since, well... since I've ever had a job- I've been lucky enough to meet a veteran of every major world war in the last century. I've been able to hear their stories, share their experiences. It is a special and touching thing to watch as "war buddies" get together to laugh, joke, reminisce, and mourn like no time has passed at all. There is a special bond that forms when 'in the trenches'. Life and death, love and loss when shared with another human being forms a bond that is untouched no matter what further life's circumstances bring and how much time has passed.

The experiences that we've shared over the last year and a half have made these girls my war buddies. Life and death, love and loss have been shared. Matched by tears, giggling, late nights, and lunch dates. Today signified a landmark victory in the battle of infertility with the celebrating of Angela's baby shower. It was emotional for all of us. And as we sat there during the "after party" we laughed and joked about our stories and what we've all been through I thought of all my friends and patients and their war buddies. And I thought about my war buddies. No matter what further life's circumstances bring and how much time passes, there is still no one I would have rather been in the trenches with.


cambridgeclan said...

Is it just me or did you crop yourself out of that picture? That shower was great. It was a good time to be able to share a few minutes after the party with you guys. Thanks.

Casey said...

I'm sure it was amazing! It LOOKS amazing!

Holly said...

You did crop yourself out of that picture!! Loser! That post says it all...I'm all teary eyed...AGAIN!! But, you know I feel the same way:) You two girls are my favs!!

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