Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you cards.

Craft projects like this rank way high up on the list of reasons to have kids.

These are our new thank you cards. Slap this baby on a blank card and "walah!" Totally not my idea. If you get one in the mail, pretend you haven't seen them before.

And meet "Bananas". He is the newest permanent fixture around our home. He is also Scrunch's best friend. Watching her crawl around saying "ooooh,oooh" like a monkey when she's looking for him and watching her give him "loves" is also in the running for highest ranking reason. But nothing beats being the recipient of a specially-made hand-blown Scrunch kiss. That is by far the best reason to date to have kids.

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Casey said...

I love "your" idea! Very cute! And if Bananas needs a younger, smaller sibling, GAP had cute monkeys that make the ooh ooh sound!

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