Thursday, January 8, 2009

How do you measure success?

It used to be (like last week) that if I blogged every day, I felt like I succeeded in getting something done that day. I am no longer measuring success by that. These days success is measured by little triumphs that will mostly go un-blogged about.

This week's successes:

1. Keeping Ani off the couch five days running.

2. 3 consecutive days of showering/hair/makeup BEFORE Scrunch wakes up.
3. Keeping TWO kids alive for more than an hour. I had the great honor and privilege of watching THE Grady this week. I was happy to discover that two kids is not twice the work. It's more like 1.25-1.5 times the work. You already know how to fold up the stroller and what's one more bottle to mix?
4. Baby Shower coming along nicely.
5. First time on a bike and no tears.

6. Actually enjoyed talking to a few of the other mom's at Park Days.
7. Joining a yoga studio.
8. Shined my sink every day
9. Sewed 20 dishtowel aprons with Scrunch on my lap and no one lost a finger.

and for #10 I'm hoping that today I will finally find something to wear to THE baby shower this Saturday. Stay tuned for proof that I don't hate (all) pregnant people.


Marti said...

Poor Ani, she looks so dejected :(

Goose said...

Did you see that Jordan and I have a new blog? Oh and your child is adorable.

northslopegang said...

Cute apron idea. I've seen another one that is similar.

Casey said...

wow! I'm impressed, as it sounds like you've accomplished much from your goal list!

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