Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gimme a Sign

A couple years back we were driving through this area and we said, "we should live here when we grow up." We were still students at the time and "when we grow up" seemed like a long way off. We still had two years and an internship to sort out.

And then there was an internship here. So he applied and he got it. Then we graduated which I guess means we were more grown up. I guess. He applied for a job here and he got it.

There was never the sit down and "let's pray about it" discussion. Things just worked out and I took it as a sign.

As we (mostly I) go back and forth about whether or not we plan on staying here and really growing up by buying a house, I've been torn. I was split between buying the new tract home complete with new floors, new windows, upgrades, new schools- the works, and the more modest home out in the country where we could raise chickens, and alpacas??? (but at least bunnies and a pot-belly pig???), and spin yarn, and long walks to the bus stop- still the works, but different works. I was leaning towards shiny and new, but I needed a sign.

I dragged a friend, and her darling baby along to walk through the models.

We completely pass the turn offs and end up a half hour past where we should be. They took ALL the signs down. Sign number one.

We arrive at the first set of models. They are closed. Sign number two.

No matter. My favorite and first pick is just around the corner. We'll walk through those. Um...They are tearing the models apart from the inside out. Sign number three.

BOTH babies scream, SCREAM all the way home.

Oh, for the love!

I get it. I get it. No shiny new house for me.

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Goose said...

crazy how God works huh.Jeff Foxworthy would say "here's your sign"

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