Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner at our house.

For the record... I am not entirely devoid of cooking skills. In fact if it has butter or garlic (it must have both) I can handle it. Or butter and brown sugar. Scrunch is in total awe of my cooking prowess. And that I cook things especially fun for her to play with. It will be a sad, sad day when she is forced to discover that she is not the center of this world's axis. For now, me lives to serve.

If you like it, at our house you put in your hair. Well, she puts in her hair and then I haul her away to the tub, but on the way I forget why we're going there in the first place and she slimes it in my hair. By the time we make it to the tub I have called for husband to bring the camera and we all end up soaking wet and covered in sweet potato.


Goose said...

I'm telling you...she is the cutest thing on this earth! PS- What do you mean she isn't the center of this world? You know darn well that we all revolve around her!

Marti said...

She is adorable, even with food all over her. Cute pics of you two!

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