Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have new points.

Fourteen people have confirmed me as their relative.

Two people think I'm amazing, but I have to click forty seven times to find out who they are.

I've been challenged to more quizzes than my sister gives out in an entire school year.

Another random person I don't know has asked me to be their friend. I said no, I don't know you!

It keeps calling me "My liege!" and I don't know what they are talking about.

Everyone has beaten my score at any game they have attempted/will attempt, since I've never played any of the damn games!

Uh huh. I am currently in the hate portion of my love/hate relationship with Facebook.


Marti said...

That's what the ignore button is for. It's the one I use the most!! Now if they just had an ignore button for the real world :)

grandma/mom said...

I just hide the games but not the person so I don't have to play the stupid games either. Carolyn

Miquela said...

You do know that you can turn off all of those notices, dont you?

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