Sunday, July 12, 2009


Before moving to California I didn't know anyone in my immediate circle who had landscapers. After our move, we were about the only ones on our street who didn't. After digging trenches for sprinklers through bedrock and spending countless hours weeding the hillside, we constantly asked my mom why we couldn't hire some Mexicans to do the yard work. She told us that's why she had us, her very own Mexicans. We really are a little bit Mexican, and I've lived in Mexico longer and speak more Spanish than most Cholos, so don't go getting all "Brown Pride" on me. It has become one of the longest running (if not most politically incorrect) jokes our family has. Scratch that. Definitely not the most politically incorrect.

I swore up and down that I would hire my own home's manual labor out. I lied. Yesterday we spent most of the day raking out flower beds and hacking back overgrown bushes. My husband asked me if I knew what I was doing. Trust me, I've done this before. Many, many times. Except for the mutilating bug bites, I'm not as sore as I thought I'd be. Hitting a vericose vein for a mosquito must be like striking oil. That's the only sore spot though. And a little hard work never hurt anyone. Right Mom?


needlenut said...

You learned from the best source possible, your mother. She taught you well. Love you.

mom said...

What a wonderful place you have found yourself in. Johnny gets to "camp" and you get to decorate. Congratulations. May I mention Johnny specializes in weed whacking. You should never have to pull a weed with him around. He works cheap too. A trip to the donut store used to satisfy him. PS, he will eat a bug for $5.00. We've seen it done!!!

Veggie.Burger. said...

THis is hillarious because I always teased Erica about her weekly weeding. She always had to get that weeding done before we could go do anything!

Marti said...

You and your sister's need to come to my house. I'll find some yard work for you :) I'll even feed you and give you sleeping accomidations.

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