Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pack yer bags!

We're going on a guilt trip.

I hope somebody somewhere was painting a toddler bed Under the Sea turquoise today. You wouldn't want to disappoint this face now would you?

I did my part, and it's almost done. I hacked the artwork from Pottery Barn Kids, the curtain from BGH, the mirror was a thrift store find painted white, and I painted the knobs after hacking some I saw on Etsy. All of it was done for less than the original artwork from Pottery Barn Kids cost. There are a few finishing touches missing. And...oh yeah... that bright blue bed!


mom said...

What a beautiful bedroom for a lucky little girl. Love your variety in colors.

Miquela said...

Love the room. You did a good job decorating, as usual. And it will look great with a turquoise big girl bed, that only requires one more coat of paint.

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