Friday, July 17, 2009

Head injury?

I must have bumped my head. And hard.

I woke up thinking I was June Cleaver and decided to can Mixed Berry Preserves. And I liked it! I also put on a London broil for dinner. My house was vacuumed, and plants watered too.

I'm half debating whether or not I should refer myself for a CT scan to make sure there isn't any real permanent damage. I do, however, know that it can't be too bad because I did not do it in a dress and pearls. Try jeans and flip flops. But the jeans were white and flip flops leopard print. Yes, I canned berries in white jeans. Afterall, I'm a progressive woman of today. I've even got one up on good old Mrs. Cleaver. I've got Oxyclean. Now that's progress!


Goose said...

oh! That reminds me, I have a DELICIOUS (and easy) recipe I need to send to you!

northslopegang said...

good for you.

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