Friday, July 10, 2009

Our New Hometown

Population 4,725 in 2007. Twenty minutes to the nearest large chain grocery store or Target- making it twenty minutes from most of civilization. Two minutes from the park and less than five to the lake. Around the block to the golf course and less than a mile away from the Equestrian Center.

Golf carts with car seats are spotted regularly. I mock the local ladies several times a day in their golf carts and track suits, but in all honesty the subject of a golf cart has come up around our own dining table more than once. And I make a mental note of the track suits that seem to enhance flat mommy bum and the sunglasses that are big enough (but not quite bug-eyed) so I can look for them the next time I hit Ross or Marshall's. Girl's Night is often catered and alternates between Sangrias and Mojitos. I've been dubbed the Designated Golfcart Driver. (Not joking on that one.)

Once you're in the gate and past the guards, the people are so friendly it's almost creepy. It's almost a fight over who is actually going to get the right of way. No after you. No after you. No after YOU. Oh, for hell's sake somebody just go!! That's me. Obviously new here and not used to random strangers being so nice. You can practically get cited for not waving to your neighbor. But you will most definitely get cited for leaving your garage door open or your dog in the backyard. Yes, we even have rules about whether or not a contractor's dog is allowed at a job cite. It's not.

My husband's favorite part is the sliding door onto the patio in the master bedroom. He keeps it open all night long because he says it makes him feel like he's camping. So let me get this straight...We bought a house so you could feel like you're camping?

Yes, we've moved to Pleasantville and we love it.

Who would have ever thought I'd be at a place in life where the choice would be shoes or Crepe Myrtle tree? It's going to take months years decades for me to get it just right, but this place is starting to look like our home in just a week.


Wilkins Clan said...

Very cute! So where is it?

Matt said...

Your house is gorgeous and looking great! It's so exciting to unpack your stuff and have it looking like home!--Christa

Marti said...

Congrats, it's beautiful !

Ashley and Dustin said...

Your house looks like that is just a WEEK?! Your husband should start calling you Martha. You definetly should have your own show, I'll watch. I love your new house! I especially love the white trim around the outside windows, they don't make houses like that here in Utah! Congrats on your new tent, I mean house!:)

Holly said...

Wish I was there to help you shop for your new house (don't tell John I said that)!!

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