Monday, July 13, 2009

Politically Incorrect

Cooking shmooking. Or something. So we went for Chinese food. The local (and only) joint nearby advertises themselves as the best in town. Duh! They serve Bento Boxes. Go figure. And their tip trays say Gracias on the bottom. But when I heard the elderly couple from across the restaurant tell the waitress that Gracias means thank you in Mexican- that's when I almost choked on my Kung Pao. In a world where Cultural Competency is a mandatory course in just about every field, I'm not sure how this managed to escape HR.


Goose said...

ahahahahahahaha... that is freakin' hilarious.

Casey said...

LOVE it! He he he!

Miquela said...

Nice!! I am still waiting for that email.

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