Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beating the Blahs

Maybe I jinxed myself by declaring yesterday Happy Thoughts Friday, but try as I might I'm fighting a serious case of the Blah's. Now I may be a bit intense, somewhat hormonal, and occasionally slightly bitchy, but I'm not a depressed person. And I hate feeling this way for absolutely no reason.

Maybe it's because I'm jealous of my Mom and good friend who are both getting sexy new 'dos. You know how I feel about a good haircut. Maybe it's because every member of my family except Husband has either peed, barfed, or chewed on something and it's my turn to be pissed off. Anyway...

I attempted to combat the Blahs with a round of serious grout scrubbing. I'm not kidding. A clean house is a happy house in my world. But it only made me tired, and with laundry still left to do. So I had to resort to the no-fail I'm a hypocrite, I know. The same chick who spouts about buying handmade, cloth diapers, and getting green is out driving her big-ass SUV, guzzling gas, and swiping plastic all over town. But it works.

How could I not feel better wearing a new sweatshirt? The weather's beautiful and warm where we're at, but we were going to go the beach today and it gets cold there. 'Were' is the key. I chickened out. Actually with the IFC to the rescue (again), we are sending our husbands and we're having a G.D.O. (Girls DAY Out). Brought together by Clomid or the fear of it, our husbands get along great. They crack themselves up. I shudder to think of the conversations taking place during the five hours in the car today...And for what? To dive in almost freezing water for a slimy, nasty looking creature (but tastes great!)- Abalone. We have no idea what we're going to do, but it's going to be good.

And my other purchase from yesterday-Exercise DVD's to combat the back-fat. My tummy may be flat, but my back is not. I've got to get a grip on these love handles. O.K. not punny. I mean funny. But have a good day anyway.

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