Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Never Fails

I love visiting my Mom's (and Dad's). It's like a quilting retreat complete with babysitting (that I actually trust), good food (that's free and I don't have to cook), awesome top-of-the-line gadgets, and absolutely nothing I have to do. And lets not forget the endless entertainment of watching my Mom rock out to American Idol on the Wii. I'd post a video but I'd be disowned or worse, never invited back. For the next few days I don't have a single thing to do except knit, or not, watch a movie,or not, quilt,or not, or do or not do whatever I want. Except of course caring for Little Miss. That goes without saying. But really that doesn't count. She's VERY low maintenance. And I have LOTS and LOTS of help with her, whether I need it or not.

But all great things have their down sides. My Mr. is at home with my puppies which means beside missing him (and them), I can't sleep. It never fails. If he's gone, I wake up BEFORE the butt-crack of dawn and can't go back to sleep. This is very unusual behavior for me since I am someone who could sleep standing up (and have done it before).

What's a girl to do? What any girl would do at that hour. Groom their eyebrows. But that didn't help because it only made me miss my Desiree too. Desiree was my esthetician, a.k.a. waxer. Notice the 'was'? She had left her job as a corporate accounts manager because of the stress and lack of family time and became an esthetician. And she was damn good.

She had her own little place over in a cute part of Old Town. Next to my husband, she knew me more intimately than most people (excluding anyone with the last name of Obgyn). But one day I called to make an appointment and I got that annoying chick telling me that number had been disconnected. I almost wanted to cry. How could she? She didn't even say goodbye. She's the one who got my eyebrows back on track and taught me, "Honey, they're sisters. Not twins." Well, without her I can't even get them to look like distant cousins.

I've been hesitant to find someone else, but the time has come. 3:47 AM is NOT the time to wax and pluck your eyebrows. Now finding someone has become A #1 priority. Thankfully I've got Holly. There's a long list of reasons I love her, but her having an awesome waxer and good eyebrows to prove it, has added a new layer of depth and love to our friendship. Just kidding. I love her for a lot of really deep and meaningful reasons. But that doesn't mean I wont take her girl's number.

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Holly said...

I was actually going to call you today to go to lunch and then I read your are bye bye. Hopefully, you're not gone too long. When you get back I'll give you my girls #. Or I could email it to you if you want. anyhow, hope you have fun w/ your fam!!

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